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made with love

made with love, from our family to yours

Some say the ultimate expression of love is through food. So when Vitamix, a family-owned company, launched their newest products for the year, we use the opportunity to tell the story of three chefs who show their love through the food they make for their loved ones.

the vitamix family

To showcase the newest products in the Vitamix family, we had each chef create two recipes with the hero products and created a documentary-style film exploring what made with love means to them through the food they prepare.

when you cook, you bring people together

Spending less time in the kitchen means spending more time with the ones you love most, and we wanted to highlight that for this campaign.

power in the product

And no matter what you’re cooking, Vitamix’s products help you save that precious time in the kitchen while allowing you to create more for your loved ones.

made for a home cook, fit for a chef

By partnering with chefs, we told our audience a quality story about the products they could bring into their homes for their families, too.

made for ♥

To drive engagement for the campaign, we created a series of social ads and organic posts designed to get our Made With Love story out to our online following.