air canada

design • production

canada's best new restaurants

celebrating culinary excellence

Each year, Air Canada crowns a winning Canadian restaurant, with a night of delicious food and exciting entertainment. We created a design system for ‘Canada’s Best New Restaurant’ that would celebrate culinary excellence and the artistry behind it.

designs to compliment the dishes

Inspired by mid-century modern graphic design, we used bold shapes and clean designs to complement the striking dishes. We also used a dynamic system of contrasting colours to create a clean silhouette to outline photography of restaurants in the running. Our designs supported the energy of the event, brought to life with lively DJs and memorable dishes.

the results

Tickets were quickly sold out, welcoming 600 guests, from general admission to media and influencers. Attendees enjoyed the exclusive chance to sample dishes from top restaurants across the country, and chat up the chefs behind it all.