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As plant-based pioneers, Silk has always taken a leading role in driving the plant-based movement forward. However, the media landscape has been saturated by skepticism and negative press surrounding greenwashing and sustainability of plant-based products. With this in mind, we undertook the endeavor of restoring Silk’s position as the original and authentic leader of plant-based products by doubling down on their sustainability efforts.

bee-hind the campaign

In our efforts to solidify Silk as a trusted leader and an organization that lives up to its mission, we devised an impactful PR-focused campaign with a clear purpose: to showcase Silk’s unwavering dedication to regenerative agriculture while simultaneously thanking bees for their invaluable contribution to Silk products.

partner in action

To add credibility to Silk’s cause, and ensure that our work would walk the talk, we partnered with Pollinator Partnership Canada (P2C), an organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators across Canada. Through discussion and research with P2C, we gained valuable insights on how we could support pollinators, learning that the decline of bee populations in urban areas is due to a loss of feeding and nesting areas. With this in mind, the Silk Bee Line came to be(e).

all aboard

We created the Silk Bee Line in Montreal – an urban flower route that helps traveling pollinators get from one green space to another, via the flower-rich pathways that they need to survive.

getting the word out

In support of our launch event, we developed a multi-level approach to media outreach that targeted mid- and short-lead press with pitches across lifestyle, sustainability, local feature, industry trade, and food outlets, positioning Silk as a trusted partner and voice for cause.

the results

The launch of the Silk Bee Line campaign, created a resounding buzz across Canada. With over 22M media impressions, our message reached far and wide, capturing the attention of top-tier news outlets such as CTV, Global News, and Journal Metro. This extensive coverage not only drove attention to the Silk Bee Line initiative itself, but also shed light on the vital role of pollinators in our ecosystems.