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put your money to work

bringing their brand campaign to life

We put some heat behind Wealthsimples’ brand campaign, ‘Put your money to work’ with a memorable event experience, packed with education and entertainment. The goal of the event was to excite and boost client comprehension of Wealthsimple products, leaning into the playfulness of the brand.

making it memorable

Complete with tongue-in-cheek vignettes, a lively DJ, elevated office snacks, and a panel discussion with CEO Michael Katchen, attendees got an up close look at the importance of using Wealthsimple, and making your money hustle.

the results

The night was a hit, welcoming 80+ attendees and 50+ live stream attendees, tuning in to catch all the action. Guests left inspired and educated on Wealthsimple products and how to put their money to work with real results.