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aeroplan hotelsavers

Aeroplan points can be used for more than just flights—but not everyone knows. That’s why we were tasked with creating a brand activation promoting the HotelSavers program and its exciting ties to Aeroplan.

step into our lobby

We created a sleek and immersive hotel lobby to bring the HotelSavers story and key messaging to life. By pressing the elevator button, guests watched their Aeroplan points go up, revealing exciting prizes.

a chance to win big

Each time the doors opened, guests were treated to a tour of a different HotelSavers room they could stay in with a chance to win enough Aeroplan points for a stay in a tier 8 hotel plus a flight for two. After the elevator doors closed, guests could also enter for a chance to win  50K Aeroplan Points towards an exclusive HotelSavers experience.

the results

The program overall drove comprehension and helped attendees recognize that Aeroplan points can be used at any HotelSavers property around the world. Our lobby welcomed over 15,000 people that weekend.