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escape to the alps

from the NBO to the french alps

Evian water comes straight from the French Alps, where it takes an epic 15-year journey from mountain-side to being bottled. To celebrate it, we created a refreshingly immersive activation that allowed National Bank Open attendees to step inside the French Alps. Using Evian’s natural hydrating abilities, we rejuvenated tournament goers, while educating them on the brand’s iconic origins. 

getting immersed in the brand

From courtside to mountainside, our custom build transported attendees to the French Alps by tapping into their senses. Guests were delighted as they walked through a refreshing wall of glacial-inspired mist. Once inside, a 3D model of the Evian peaks were surrounded by illuminated clouds to replicate the pure magic of the French Alps. Inside was also the perfect spot for guests to snap a picture and share on social.

the results

The experience quickly became a must-see at the tournament garnering 39,100 guest impressions and 17K consumer impressions over 4 weeks (375% of our target). We also worked with two macro creators in a paid capacity, leveraging their followings to drive social awareness, resulting in an additional 15K earned social media impressions.