masai ujiri's humanity



launching a movement

Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri launched the Humanity Movement to continue the momentum around conversations on race and social justice. In advance of the reveal of Humanity’s massive art installation outside Union Station in Toronto, the organization wanted to generate awareness of its mission and buzz around the installation.

capturing an audience through art

Our approach was to create a whole movement out of a moment of time. We achieved this with the perfect blend of exposure for both the installation itself and Humanity’s mandate to make the world a better place. We garnered impactful coverage in traditional news and lifestyle press, then engaged like-minded Canadians to share the launch of the installation and Humanity’s mission. Plus, we established credibility with interview features of Masai Ujiri, leveraging his local ties to Toronto and his passion for the Humanity movement.

the results

Our reach was impressive. With over a total of 46.7 million earned impressions with 9M from broadcast, 21M from print/online and 11M from social, we generated broad awareness of Humanity the movement and its mission.