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From trick-or-treat to gift baskets, Halloween has become synonymous with candy. That’s why we needed to help GoGo squeeZ®—a nutritious snack brand—show up in a meaningful and authentic way.

rewriting the story

Riffing off popular scary movies, we turned GoGo squeeZ® into a spooky snackable story and the hero of Halloween. We created two stories, ‘Nightmare on Snack Street’ and ‘Revenge of the Fruits and Veggies,’ around relatable snack time scaries for kids, like eating veggies and being hangry.

behind the scenes

Each story started with live action of a Halloween sleepover, before transitioning into a fun stylized animation, all narrated by our cast of imaginative and captivating kids. For the animations, we drew inspiration from comic books and graphic novels, but with a modern twist. Our animated characters’ vivid colours and expressive movements transformed our stories into memorable and entertaining narratives.

sharing it with the world

From big slurps to pouch squeezes, we integrated GoGo squeeZ® SFXs throughout to remind our viewers that each spooky story is a snack time story. These videos were accompanied by a 6s product video to reinforce GoGo squeeZ® as the perfect pouch of yum and fun for spooktacular season.

the results

GoGoWeen surpassed our engagement objectives, but more importantly, drove real interest in our brand and products. Alongside record digital engagement, this campaign contributed to the highest volume of Halloween sales ever.

38.5M total campaign impressions


over 53% of which were completed views

9.05M reached

32% average engagement rate

search lift

for GoGo squeeZ® across Google and YouTube search engines