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fake it 'til you bake it

making baking easier than ever

Whipping up that delicious treat you crave shouldn’t be hard. So, we helped position Chipits as the confidence boost needed to get non-bakers to the finished product – a delicious, ooey gooey treat.

a little comedy and confidence

Working with Hershey’s, we created ‘Fake it ‘til you Bake it’ – a campaign that encouraged amateur bakers to embrace the skills they do have with two 15 second spots and subsequent cut downs. The campaign was amplified through OLV, social, Pinterest, and display placements, reaching our audience just in time for peak baking season – the holidays.

the results

The campaign was a resounding success during the holidays, increasing brand sales by 73%. Our campaign also exceeded the reach goal by 35.65% and impression goal by 36% on Facebook and Instagram, with a total of 9.9M impressions across all channels.