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pinterest presents

the shift from B2B to B2Human

Global Advertiser Summits happen every year, by every major tech company. It’s where executives share their latest and greatest tech innovations with the media and ad world, in the same dry format. But Pinterest isn’t like other tech companies. So, instead of getting inspired by other ad summits, we got inspired by TV shows people already love to watch. Think mockumentaries like 30 Rock, The Office, Nathan For You, and more.

creating a new format

For Pinterest’s global ad summit, Pinterest Presents, we created a making-of format to bring together education and entertainment in equal measure. The script, sets, characters, and storyline were so entertainingly and comedically Pinterest and showcased inspiring ideas and tools that the platform is known for. From keynotes to product news, real Pinner stories and client testimonials, we made sure our audience understood the ins and outs of Pinterest, and how it can help advertisers reach their business goals.

the results

From concept to air date, we launched a global show in 6 months, creating first-of-it’s-kind results for Pinterest Presents. 32,000 people registered for the show, and the attendance rate of 48% blew past the industry benchmark of 20-30%. Of the almost 14,000 live views, there was virtually zero drop off rate, which means viewers were watching the entire 50 minute show. This is unheard of. Pinterest Presents connected with a B2B audience through the content they love, leaving them with no doubt that there’s never been a better time to partner with Pinterest.

Watch the full show below.