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give back to the givers

festive feels

Every holiday season, Swiss Chalet puts their Festive Special on the menu. The meal is being further promoted this year with their Give A Gift feature, which allows users to send the feast to friends and loved ones. But while Swiss Chalet remains a favourite among older Canadians, it’s not so relevant with zoomers and millennials. So this December, the ask was twofold – to promote the Give A Gift feature, while building brand love among younger generations.

making the holidays happen

Our insight was that in every family or friend group, there’s one person who does the most to make the holidays happen. It could be the person who stays up all night in the kitchen, or the person who makes the yearly trek to the pine tree lot. Whoever it is, they’re the ones who give the most time and energy over the season. We like to call them the holiday giver.

give back to the givers

Through evoking feelings of warmth, sentimentality, joy, and generosity, we wanted to make every Canadian not only think of the “holiday giver” in their life but be inspired to give back to them, as well.

warm and fuzzy

Many holiday spots these days tend to be polished productions. But our goal was to showcase authentic, Canadian experiences. So we used diverse UGC-generated home videos which highlighted the relatability of the holiday giver to give an overall warm, fuzzy feeling. We also made sure to source entirely modern footage to pull Swiss Chalet out of its heritage position while a vintage filter maintained those nostalgic vibes.

giving is universal

From the kitchen duty giver to the cheer giver, side-by-side shots of different Canadians doing the same activity showed how the holiday giver is universal across families and friend groups. Because ultimately, we wanted viewers to be inspired to give back to the givers in their own lives this holiday season.