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putting women in the spotlight

First launched in Brazil, the Hershey’s #HerForShe campaign spotlighted the ‘her’ and ‘she’ pronouns on the Hershey wrapper design to bring visibility to women’s achievements. Now coming to Canada, the campaign had a distinct challenge: How to connect with a diverse, gen z audience increasingly wary of performative acts coming from big brands.

the street scene

Bold, raw, and energetic, street culture has historically been dominated by men – but there’s no shortage of women making their mark, publicly showing up in a multitude of ways.

Our insight? Sold in every corner store for generations, Hershey’s had a front row seat to street culture – a space where realness trumps all and people demand to be seen for who they are. Both timeless and on- trend, it’s always been a space of ultimate visibility. This is how we would tell our story.

culture of community

Not only did we spotlight 5 women who are changing the street scene, we shifted the conversation about what street culture actually is. Yes, it’s kicks and fits, but also grassroots activism, outreach and advocacy. Fundamentally, street culture is what glues a community together.

limited edition bar designs

With limited edition #HerForShe bar designs created by noted street artist Gosia Komarinski, and 5 mini-films directed docu-style by Bruna Arbex, we brought more visibility to women transforming their communities and inspiring the next generation to do the same.

power of storytelling

Our storytelling anchored a campaign that included a strategic PR roll-out, targeted influencer approach including premium kitting and print piece, and partnership with GirlUp Canada. The authenticity of our message resonated with our audience and delivered on our ultimate goal: More visibility for the achievements of incredible Canadian women.

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