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keep sparkling

bringing sparkle into the home

As 2020 kept us cooped up inside, the monotony made us view our homes as a trap instead of a place of salvation. So, as the looming second wave approached, we saw the opportunity to show Canadians that it’s the small things that can elevate their at-home life—like using a SodaStream sparkling water maker. After all, sometimes it’s the simplest pleasures that bring us the most joy.

small acts of kindness, big impact

It’s the small things that can make a big sparkling impact. Just like bringing adding small moments of sparkle to at-home, we showcased those who sparkle up their communities with small acts of kindness.

the queen of sparkle

No one does sparkle better than the sparkling Priyanka, Canada’s first drag superstar.  Just shortly after her big win, we were lucky to be one of her first campaigns.   

making people shine

At a time when things were pretty dark, we injected small sparkle moments into the social feeds of Canadians. With this content as fun and quirky as Priyanka herself, we positioned SodaStream as the gift that keeps sparkling all year round.

“It’s the small things that keep the world sparkling, people.”


the results

Keep Sparkling content CPM outperformed other Sodastream content by 12%. Our consideration layer reached 6.2 million unique users. Top posts generated a 96% positivity sentiment and a 14.5% completion rate. Overall, the content performed so well that Sodastream invested 3X its planned media spend so that Canada could Keep Sparkling throughout the holiday season.