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small business week

near me

Google took inspiration from their consumer-facing “Near Me” campaign to further the cause of small business during Small Business Week. To do this, they helped foster a love for local within the community.

if you want to #supportsmall, say it with a review

Supporting small businesses is as easy as leaving a Google review. They can help boost rankings in search engine results, stand out amidst larger businesses, and help increase their online reputation—all crucial factors that help small businesses thrive. So when Google Canada wanted to launch a campaign to #supportsmall during Small Business Week, we focused on one singular message: Say it with a review.

be vocal for
your local

To kick off our campaign on a national scale and inspire local love, we launched a singular piece of creative across Google Canada’s major social channels.


To support local, we didn’t purely rely on Google’s social channels to get the word out—we had to walk the walk. Through partnerships with influencers hailing from big cities to tiny towns, with interests and backgrounds as diverse as Canada itself, we created a Google review movement that supported small businesses across the country.

local celebrity love

In addition to our micro-influencer program, we activated partnerships with local Canadian celebrities like Emily Hampshire from Schitt’s Creek, to Max Kerman from Arkells. They not only wrote reviews for their favourite local small businesses, but more importantly, encouraged their followers to do so as well.

the results

The campaign generated over 16.5 million social impressions and an 8% average increase in Google reviews since the program start date.