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olli brands inc.


We crafted a master brand strategy grounded in what makes Olli Brands Inc. distinct today, while ensuring to stay uniquely competitive as the category matures. 

We focused to bring Olli Brands’ to market with a distinct visual and verbal system.

life is too short to stop short of exceptional

Olli Brands’ mission is to be the trusted leader in expertly crafted high-quality cannabis products, brands and experiences. They launched with the ambition to elevate the cannabis category—there was no longer a need to taste burnt weed in homemade brownies.

a reason to believe

We showcased the premium quality of OBi amidst an onslaught of new brands in the cannabis category. 

Additionally, we crafted a brand belief and purpose that zeroed-in on the cannabis x culinary x wellness DNA that drives internal culture and product innovation.

the OBi family

Everyday life should not be routine—it should be ritualized.

With that in mind, we helped shape two consumer-facing cannabis brands for the OBi family that exemplify exceptional products and experiences.

olli. a new ritual.

Olli fully embodies the core values that drive the entire portfolio: Positive disruption, Collective Mindset, Exceptional Craft and Professionalism. To express this, we captured the skill and art of the foodie world, while embracing wellness as the core motivator for consumption.

ritual moments

We focused on the moments, products and textures that bring us bliss every day. These realistic snapshots of lived-in, elevated rituals bring a sense of humanity through the imagery.

ollive. for the joy of life.

Alongside Olli, we created a second consumer-facing brand, Ollive. Ollive embodies wellness with cannabis-infused products aimed to help improve everyday well-being.

joy in its purest form

We set out to create a brand inspired by the pure, plant-based ingredients that help promote wellness and balance in our daily lives. Every facet of the brand was built to bring joy and speak to the pure, simple, and unique flavours in each Ollive edible: from the rich colours, vibrant florals and organic typeface.