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life in colour

enrich your diet and life with colour

After a winter spent hibernating and indulging in heavy comfort foods, it’s hard to kick the bad eating habits we’ve grown so accustomed to. So, when spring time approached, we gave Canadians some anything-but-boring inspiration to live colourfully with whole food meals made possible with the Vitamix Ascent Series. After all, living colorfully not only enriches our diet, but also our lives.

life in colour

Let’s face it, talking about eating whole foods is boring—so we took a different approach. Through interesting macro shots of fresh ingredients and colourful recipes made with Vitamix, we showed Canadians how lively and fun eating whole food can be.

making ingredients our hero

Mint created a stylized film and tone-on-tone photography that leans into the different colours, textures, and freshness that each ingredient has to offer each recipe. The content showcases a semi-monochromatic film of the colours, flavours, juiciness, and uniqueness of each of the ingredients with the frames coming together as quick cut macro shots of the ingredients and fun quick cuts of our hero influencer preparing.

partnering with a colourful personality

To showcase The Vitamix Ascent series as a great and easy way to add colourful-wellness to our everyday, Vitamix partnered with content creator, entrepreneur and fitness trainer, Zehra Allibhai of @zallibhai to feature vibrant Vitamix-made meals.

brightening social feeds

Across three weeks, we injected colour and vibrancy into Canadians’ social feeds, garnering over 240K impressions and almost 16K engagements. To further expand the Vitamix family, local influencers and fans also created their own recipes inspired by each weekly colour.

spreading colour internationally

Originally crafted for Canadian audiences, the campaign was quickly adopted for American and Mexican markets.