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pairs well with you

bringing freshness to a legacy wine brand

Sterling Vineyards’ vision is to be the wine brand for social people who enjoy life, want to elevate their lifestyle, and are confident in their choices, even when unexpected or unconventional. So, when breaking through to this new generation of wine drinkers, we knew that connecting authentically was key. Through personal storytelling, we expressed that no matter your story, Sterling Vineyards pairs well with you.

expression of identity

We found inspiration in how Millennials, as a generation, truly embrace their identity. How they convey themselves into the world, largely through social, is more than their personal brand, but creative self-expression. We selected talent that embrace their self expression, push culture, and are unapologetically themselves—stylist and Editor-in-Chief of Bully Magazine Bobby Bowen, esteemed Toronto DJ Killa Kels, and artist and producer Sean Leon.

revealing the hidden layers

Part of our identity is the layers underneath what we project. So we tapped in to this idea visually with the use of layered projections. As our talent recounted their stories, they revealed the hidden layers that make them who they truly are.

pairs well with you

We paired  captivating storytelling of self-expression and individuality to express that no matter your projection, layers, or story, Sterling pairs well with you.

the films

As projected images and videos danced over our creators, their stories were visually brought to life alongside compelling and emotive voiceover. Through figurative and literal layers, we expressed each story in a dynamic, stylistic, and entertaining way.

in the world

Through Sterling’s partnership with the Raptors, we created a key visual asset to tease out our campaign in digital and OOH.