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lillet her way

lillet - the best aperitif you’ve never heard of

While Lillet was widely known (and loved) in the bartender community, awareness amongst consumers was low in Canada. People needed to consider Lillet as an option and know how to drink it – when they do try it, they love its taste and simplicity.  

We needed to win women’s hearts – to create awareness and consideration amongst our target consumers and in the process, create brand advocates that drive sustainable growth.

the category speaks to women as one dimensional - frivolous and girly

First we looked at the competitive space. Despite a movement by progressive society to break down gender stereotypes, there is still a persistent, lingering cultural expectation for how women to look and act, reflected through the spirits category. The modern woman and her depth was under-represented.

celebrating what makes us unique and different

Our insight was that the women who are breaking cultural conventions and stereotypes, are the ones who are pushing society forward.

The more people who embrace and celebrate their uniqueness – no matter how big or small – the less room there will be for old perceptions.

a platform to champion women’s self-expression

Our approach was to create a campaign to celebrate women who express themselves uniquely, their way; and so, Lillet. Her Way. was born.

bringing it to life

Central to our campaign was the creation of a ‘zine, a type of grassroots publication dedicated to an idea or cultural ideal that has flourished at moments of rises in culture either in fandom or commentary. 

We partnered with local female creators to create the ‘zine’s content, using it as a platform to amplify their voices and share how they’ve forged their own paths in under-represented industries by embracing what makes them unique and different. The ‘zine fueled an ecosystem for content that enabled Lillet to build out a community of women supporting women.

an engaged community

To help to build a community around the ‘zine and engage with like-minded people, we launched the Lillet Her Way Instagram channel along with a paid amplification strategy.

And in doing so, created educational opportunities and curiosity for the endless possibilities Lillet offers.

taking the community IRL

We extended the programming beyond the digital space to include partnerships with on-premise locations, and like-minded female-owned independent retailers  as distribution points for the physical copies of the ‘zine.

all-female production

We worked with an all-female production team to express their voices through stylized videos, portraits the written word, and unique cocktail recipes.

the love

The campaign delivered huge engagement (ER 11.9% 4X goal; zine read time 2min+); generating results +120% of impression targets. All this led Lillet to a 25% avg weekly growth in Ontario product sales during length of the campaign.