12 signs your
job is a keeper

Should you stay or should you go?

mar 12, 2024

career - advertising - agency

by: danielle paik

Is another work anniversary coming up and you’re wondering… is it time to jump ship?

It’s natural to wonder if the grass is greener after being at the same company for a while, especially in the agency world where hopping between jobs is very common. Some chase titles, others chase salaries, and before you know it, your resume reads like a travel brochure. 

But me? I’ve spent over 12 years at Mint, which might feel like an anomaly in this fast-paced industry. This longevity has been a journey of self-discovery and valuable lessons about finding the right career fit.

Here are 12 key questions I’ve asked myself throughout my time here, and they might just help you navigate your own career journey:

  1. Feeling valued? This one’s crucial. Do you have a voice? Can you actually make a difference at this company or are you just another number? 
  2. Growth on the horizon? Does the company offer clear paths to level up your skills and career? Are there chances to learn and grow beyond your role? Do you have people advocating for your growth? 
  3. Pay the bills (and then some)? Is the salary competitive? Don’t be afraid to negotiate your worth! Do the benefits and perks add enough value? 
  4. Challenged and engaged? Does the work keep you on your toes and learning new things? Can you expand your skillset or do you feel your brain slowly turning into mush? Are the Sunday scaries feeling too real? 
  5. Work-life balance: is that even possible? Can you actually achieve balance with this company’s culture and expectations? Do they offer flexible work options and prioritize employee well-being? (Because seriously, burnout is no fun).
  6. Teamwork makes the dream work (or does it?) Do you enjoy working with your team? Do they support you and push you to be your best?
  7. Job security: peace of mind? Does the company have a strong track record and a positive outlook for the future?
  8. Company culture: passing the vibe check? Do the company’s values and overall vibe align with your own?
  9. Growing as a person? Does the job allow you to grow not only professionally but also personally? 
  10. Finding meaning: more than just a paycheck? Do you feel a sense of purpose and meaning in your work? Does the company’s mission resonate with you?
  11. Proud of your work? Or meh?  Are you proud of the work you create and the impact it has?
  12. Overall satisfaction: happy camper or time for a change? Am I generally happy with my work experience and career trajectory at this company?

So there you have it! 12 questions to ponder before making a career move (or staying put and celebrating another milestone). Remember, your career should serve you, not the other way around. Taking a beat to assess your situation and ensure your work is truly fulfilling is crucial. Change can be a catalyst for growth, but making sure it’s the right change is key.