freshly minted. oct 2021

Welcome back to the October edition of ~Freshly Minted~, where Mint’s Strategy team gives their hot-take on what trends are bubbling up and how they could impact the world around us. This month we explore the return to classics, the pleasure revolution as well as breaking down the metaverse (nbd).

october 29, 2021

brands - content - trends - marketing

by: anandi vara

a return to classics

Like the Y2K uprising, sometimes the next new thing is borrowed from the past. From classic cocktails to reboots of beloved favourites like SATC, we’re seeing that actually a lot of industries are going back to the classics. Why? Because we’re tapped out from the constant change. Cow Print one week and cheugy the next doesn’t fit into our budgets or our patience, we’ve got bigger fish to fry like the impending apocalypse.

so what?

People are looking for reliability and familiarity – brands should consider that mindset and what that means for marketing themselves, principles like quality over quantity, classic shapes, textures, colours, or being dual purpose instead of single use.

the pleasure revolution is here, and we’re not mad

Fetch the town cryer because self-pleasure is *finally* being seen as a form of self-care. With a lack of physical touch through the pandemic our deprivation seems to be motivating us towards rewarding ourselves all the time, mindful masterbation to reground and recentre, sprucing up bathtime with a curated bathscape, or simply getting pleasure from #smutbooktok and ASMR bread making, either way we’re all looking to feel good.

so what?

Consumers are looking for experiences that look and feel good. Brands should be thinking about ways to elevate experiences and offerings – so if you’re creating a cocktail kit, how do you make it activate every sense to make it intimate and personal.

welcome to the metaverse

Imagine a virtual space where you can bring your physical experiences with you – shopping, exploring, socializing: enter the metaverse. While the concept isn’t new, (with games like Fortnite having metaverse tendencies) our collective need for interactivity and interconnectivity through the pandemic has really catapulted the metaverse forward and we’re seeing big players like Facebook paying attention. With digital experiences ever evolving, this could mean new ways for us to engage with each other through space and time (too far? Who knows, let’s see).

so what?

Creating digital experiences just got a whole more…well, meta. Not only will microsites and landing pages no longer cut it, but your target personas will evolve too. It’s no longer just the ‘human-me’ or ‘digital-me’, but now we have the ‘meta-me’.