freshly minted. sept 2021

As culture creatures at Mint, we’re always on the lookout for what wave will come crashing onto our doorstep next and how we believe they’ll impact business and creativity.

september 17, 2021

brands - content - trends - marketing

by: anandi vara

space is the next luxury market

Yes, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos just went to space in a very phallic looking rocket. NASA spent more than most of us will ever make in several lifetimes on ‘Space Drip’ and they’re looking for applicants to live out their Doja Cat space fantasy on pretend Mars.

so what?

For the ultra-wealthy, moving to another planet is an option. So, what does marketing look like on mars? No seriously, we need a strategy 😉.

in or out? wfh forces brands to grapple with what kind of company they’ll be next

As we all transition into a mostly hybrid work culture, companies are being tasked with how they are going to change for their employees. Our inclination is that yoga classes and a snack bar aren’t going to cut it as brands have been forced into having a social conscience. They will make adjustments in the next frontier of workers’ environmental rights.

so what?

Brands and agencies have the opportunity to change the way society operates simply by deciding how they’ll show up back at the office. Will the brand or agency be an active contributor to the neighbourhood that it shows up in?

black women really are the culture

Beyonce is coming back to save us from ourselves with a new album focusing on the injustice and change we’ve witnessed this past year. Women at large are still lusting after black women’s bodies as the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) becomes the “the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world” and has a TikTok persona to match. Last but certainly not least, Lizzo has made her Ted Talk debut on the history of twerking and its roots in blackness.

so what?

Don’t just check off the diversity box in the casting call. Listen to and embrace black perspectives, craft, and spirit.

advertising is going to get ~more~ personal

With every new generation of creative talent, new values come embedded in the work they create. The new generation is surprising us by showing us just how invested they are in their work for the brands that they work on. It’s no longer about all nighters and inside jokes; it’s about mental health awareness, body inclusiveness and connecting on emotions instead of title-cards.

so what?

We as marketers need to be more emotionally self aware to tap into work that connects.