FRESHLY MINTED: Micro trends you should know about this November

Hi, hello and bonjour – it’s already time for the November edition of ~Freshly Minted~, where Mint’s Strategy team gives their hottake on what’s trending and why you should care. And trust us, you’ll care. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and see for yourself.

The Rise of the Parasocial Relationship

Photo credit: Parker Woods for Variety

A parasocial relationship is the attachment we form around celebrities, influencers and even fictional characters. And it’s not a new phenomenon – the term was coined in the ‘50s by sociologists Donald Horton and Richard Wohl. But the introduction and meteoric rise of social media has meant that more and more people are experiencing parasocial relationships (hands up if you also think Harry Styles is your soulmate…or bestie if nothing else).

So What? 

People are constantly looking to form bonds with the content they are consuming. From a brand standpoint, it’s not enough to only focus on fit and reach when choosing creators to work with. We also need to think about the depth of emotional ties and connections they are generating.

The Pantry is Resurging as Another Battleground for Brands

Photo credit: Via

We cannot tell you how many pantry design articles we’ve seen popping up in our interior design feeds lately. We’ve always known the pantry is prime real estate for CPGs, but we can see this becoming an even hotter battleground for products beyond canned beans. Why? Well, more Canadians will be stocking up on pantry items as food becomes more expensive, but the volatile Canadian housing market has people staying put, giving them room to think about every.square.inch. of their spaces.

So what?

Think inside the pantry box. Is there a way for unexpected brands to claim the cabinet? Think Bumble honey pots, Google pantry stocking apps, or JP Wiser’s cocktail kits lining the top shelf.

The Next Place for Brands to Show Up Is Underground

Photo credit: Unsplash

Underground markets aren’t something we marketing professionals talk about often. But we might need to start, with the trust disappearing in public systems, be it government or major media publishers like Facebook *cough cough*. Paired with the cost of living increasing every quarter, everyday people have started to create their own underground networks to get basic services and products.  

So what?

Advertisers need to think about what grassroots really means, and how they can build trust without all the flash. Rather than big guerilla tactics, think about more personal, hyper-targeted and bespoke ways to speak to your audience.













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