FRESHLY MINTED: From Pop-punk to Super Moms, Mint Strategists uncover what’s trending this July

As culture creatures at Mint, we’re always on the lookout for what wave will come crashing onto our doorstep next and how it will impact business and creativity. This month the trends we’ve uncovered differ in terms of demographics and industry categories, but the one thing they all have in common is a “re” of some sort: 

A resurgence, a renaissance, a re-definition, a revival.

What does this tell us? That our current world is looking for a do-over anyway it can find it, giving us marketers a second chance at building a media world that’s different and who knows…maybe better. 

A Re-Education on Uplifting Indigenous Voices

Canada is once again re-learning its own history and with the most recent national calling out of the genocide from residential ‘schools’ this time of grief has been accompanied by big brands like Sephora and Air Canada amplifying Indigenous voices.

So What? 

At a time when brands are focusing on more diversity and consumers are watching closely, we have to ask ourselves, is this truly inclusive? Is this brand committed to contributing to real positive progress for the community being highlighted?

Y2K Renaissance is Upon Us 

For all you 90s babies out there, you might have noticed that we’ve entered into a Y2K renaissance. It’s showing up strong in fashion, with nods to Paris Hilton’s signature The Simple Life looks, nostalgic Bratz Doll art, and the famous Ed Hardy resurgence from famous Tik Toker Addison Rae. 

So what?

Nostalgia is no longer limited to those who experienced that time period; sharing and celebrating the best parts of any era can be a major flex for brands to show they ‘get it’. 

Re-re-defining Motherhood Post Covid

The pandemic has put a spotlight on existing gender inequalities in almost all areas of life and this is leading many of us to re-re-define what motherhood really means. We’re seeing political figures take note too with the Biden-Harris team announcing commitments to gender equity.

So what?

Rhetoric around gender inequality has existed for a while now, but cultural expectations are just starting to be redrawn. Let’s talk about parenting, let’s talk about boundaries and let’s talk about how to divide up family work better.

Reimagining what Inclusive Really Means through Fantasy 

Yearning for lighthearted escapism, Dungeons and Dragons rose in popularity during the pandemic, only to discover its’ dark side – a history of non-inclusion. DND created a movement within the fantasy world to ensure people of all backgrounds and abilities could sit at the table with the real stranger things – orcs, half-elves, and tieflings.

So What? 

Made-up worlds are an incredible vessel to create progressive commentary that reimagines our reality for the better.

A Revival of Pop-punk Faces Angst with its Own History   

Pop-punk has historically been dominated by caucasian bands (think Green Day, Blink 182 and Panic at the Disco). In 2021, we’re seeing the spawn of a movement to bring back pop-punk, but made for everyone with singers like Willow and KennyHoopla showcasing that angst expression is universal. 

So What? 

Whenever cultural waves start to resurface, we as marketers and creators should look back to see what narratives have already been played out. By doing so, we can course-correct the stories of the past to better serve everyone now. 













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