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The next big thing on YouTube

More than a decade after hits like Charlie Bit My Finger and Shoes went viral, YouTube is still a beloved hub of inspiration for creators from every culture and generation. But, as younger audiences started to prefer watching shorter content, YouTube needed to inspire new fans to unleash their creativity by launching Shorts, a short form video platform and community.

creativity with
remix culture

From reviving old fashion trends to loving new takes on older songs, the next generation of Canadian creators love to remix things in their own way—even if they’ve never experienced them. By tapping into YouTube’s remix culture, we highlighted how creativity is a continuous flow from one creator to another and a chance for anyone to add their own signature special to any video.

remixing an
oldie into a
launch anthem

Partnering with critically acclaimed Canadian producer WondaGurl, we created an exclusive anthem remix of “Short Shorts” by The Royal Teens. Our Short Shorts remix became the definitive sound signature of our campaign and inspired other creators and everyday users to make their own Shorts with our song.

launching the
next gen of

We collaborated with a cast of influential Canadian tastemakers to inspire users to create their content: music producer WondaGurl, gamer xChocobars, dancer/choreographer Bizzy Boom, singer/songwriter Charlotte Cardin, and fashion trendsetters LBros. From dance challenges to acapella solos, each hero showed how easy it was to remix and create their unique video content.

amplifying creator voices

On social, we amplified our campaign reach by collaborating with three unique teams of creators to create their own remixed videos using our Short Shorts anthem: on-platform heavy hitters who create to our passion points, a mix of off-platform big names breaking into the mainstream, and established off-platform creators known for shaping culture.

54 unique


Over 300

original shorts

34M view views

(255.6% of goal)

making our message uningnorable

Across three major Canadian cities, we elevated our message across 60+ outputs with UGC and creator content. Our content was displayed not only in large format digital placements, but in gyms and campuses.


With the launch of Shorts in Canada, our results exceeded every benchmark and expectation. We cemented YouTube’s lasting legacy as the OG hub of viral videos for the next generation of creators, exciting them to create and watch shorts like never before.

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