humanity movement

a movement
from a moment
in time

Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s fight for equality, Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri was set to launch the ‘Humanity Movement’ art installation outside Union Station in Toronto.

driving the

The ask was to drive awareness around the reveal of the installation itself and Humanity’s mission to drive forward the conversation about equality. We tailored an approach that leveraged key opinion leaders to get immediate traction and generate buzz.


Engaging notable personalities like Kayla Grey, Tyrone Edwards, Marci Ian, and the Toronto Raptors team, we used their profiles and individual social feeds to anchor our outreach, drive relevance of our message and connect a targeted, receptive audience..

This approach in combination with impactful coverage in traditional news and lifestyle press, supported the reveal of the installation – launched with a press conference featuring Mayor John Tory and Masai Ujiri.

grabbing the

All the elements of our strategy worked together to make a single piece of art something bigger. With the perfect blend of exposure for both the installation and Humanity’s mandate to make the world a better place, a moment in time evolved into an entire movement.

making an

We drove over 46.7 million earned impressions, with 9M from broadcast, 21M from print/online, and 11M from social – successfully generating broad awareness of the Humanity Movement and its mission.

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