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Snacks on snacks on snacks

In 2022, GoGo squeeZ wanted to become an unignorable, shareworthy snack brand and beacon of nurture on social. From Instagram to TikTok, GoGo squeeZ wanted to serve up relatable inspiration, showcase real families, and help kids and parents squeeZ out their best every day.

Snacktime is the new playtime

In a space filled with perfect parents, we wanted to transform our social channels into a playground where parents, kids, and our fans could celebrate their best. From look and feel to tone, our first step to transforming our feed would be to reinvent the building blocks and system in place to feel authentic, experimental, and driven by the energy of kids.

arts, crafts, and snacks

To boldly stand out on social, GoGo squeeZ needed to refresh their visual identity to be thumb-stopping and attention-grabbing for kids and parents alike. Our updated system implemented a new palette, a curated hero font, custom pattern combos, silly stickers, and a fresh perspective on both lifestyle and product photography.

Speaking with our inner kid voice

Our new tone of voice needed to capture the real, authentic experiences that families were having in a fun and clever way. With parenting hard enough as it is, GoGo squeeZ wanted to lean into empathetic, relatability, and optimism as core anchors to our voice and work. We tapped into every parenting and GoGo squeeZ insight possible and rearticulated it in a snack-able way.

Always on. Always snacking.

With our organic and paid content trending all year long, we converted a new audience of families into everyday GoGo squeeZ snackers. From followers to engagement, our refreshed take on snack-sized content motivated parents and kids alike to always squeeZ out their best.

unique pieces of content

Facebook +13.4% impressions

Instagram +2.09% followers

51M total impressions

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