wage against the machine

canadian women only make 88 cents on the dollar.

Bumble’s mission is to end misogyny. So, on International Pay Equity Day, we challenged everyone to Wage Against the Machine to help eliminate the pay gap and stop gender bias against women.


Inspired by protest culture our creative approach rallied people with empowering slogans of perseverance and female power. Our message extended across social media, out of home and an illuminating interactive experience.

but first,

It made sense to us to start in a place almost universal to the workforce in this country. Coffee. For the vast majority of us, the work day starts with it.

But every day, that cup of coffee costs more for women than it does men because of the pay discrepancy. So to zero in on this, and to support the Wage Against the Machine message, we created our own coffee business.

the business:
for women, by women

The Brewed Awakening Coffee Truck epitomized the absurdity of the pay gap (women make 88 cents on the dollar). To highlight women making less, we simply asked men to pay more.

But we weren’t just raising awareness of the issue, we wanted to support the fight against it too.

So for every cup sold, all proceeds were donated to Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl campaign. Because after all, you can’t just talk, you have to walk.

straight to
the source

We took our business and equality fight to Canada’s centres of power – Toronto’s Financial District and Parliament Hill – to put additional pressure on leaders to usher in much-needed change.

the love

Just two months after the #metoo movement caught fire, while other brands were sitting on the sidelines, our bold call to action resonated so strongly that Bumble decided to adopt the platform for global markets.

because i am a girl partnership

We also used every outlet we had to support and raise awareness of our partner and their message: Because I am a Girl – the youth-led movement for girls rights, a part of Plan International.

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