hive @ home

coming together while staying apart

One way Bumble works towards its mission to end misogyny is by fostering positive connections for women — bringing them together to empower one another. But facilitating this authentic connection is difficult during a moment of quarantine and social-distancing.

hive @

Mint created Bumble hive @ home as a way for women to come together to empower one another while staying apart.

programming for women by women

A digital extension of Bumble’s IRL hive, our intention was to show people the power of virtual interactions.

Our goal was to help uplift women’s spirits, and light a fire of inspiration in them, while calling attention to Bumble’s new in-app virtual offerings that offers digital empowerment through networking.

Our digital campaign included contextual digital advertising, social content, and outreach of like-minded brand and influencer partnerships. A custom microsite housed event details and teaser content to pique people’s curiosity.

Hive @ Home included inspiring workshops and panels on of-the-moment topics and featuring personalities and female-led business owners — tapping into both Bumble’s mandate and the cultural trend towards supporting local.

brand love

In just three weeks Hive @ Home 1M paid impressions driving nearly 5,000 people to our microsite and leading to more than 1,000 unique sign ups. Our Hive @ Home hosted 700 people — far exceeding past IRL Hive attendance.

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