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Sterling Vineyards Wine pairs well with you

bringing freshness to a legacy wine brand

Sterling Vineyards’ vision is to be the wine brand for social people who enjoy life, want to elevate their lifestyle, and are confident in their choices, even when unexpected or unconventional. So, when breaking through to this new generation of wine drinkers, we knew that connecting authentically was key. Through personal storytelling, we expressed that no matter your story, Sterling Vineyards pairs well with you.

expression of identity

We found inspiration in how Millennials, as a generation, truly embrace their identity. How they convey themselves into the world, largely through social, is more than their personal brand, but creative self-expression.

revealing the hidden layers

Part of our identity is the layers underneath what we project. So we tapped in to this idea visually with the use of layered projections. As our talent recounted their stories, they revealed the hidden layers that make them who they truly are.

spotlighting diverse and dynamic people

We selected talent that embrace their self expression, push culture, and are unapologetically themselves—stylist and Editor-in-Chief of Bully Magazine Bobby Bowen, esteemed Toronto DJ Killa Kels, and artist and producer Sean Leon.

pairs well with you

We paired captivating storytelling of self-expression and individuality to express that no matter your projection, layers, or story, Sterling pairs well with you.

the films

As projected images and videos danced over our creators, their stories were visually brought to life alongside compelling and emotive voiceover. Through figurative and literal layers, we expressed each story in a dynamic, stylistic, and entertaining way.

in the world

Through Sterling’s partnership with the Raptors, we created a key visual asset to tease out our campaign in digital and OOH.

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Swiss Chalet give back to the givers

festive feels

Every holiday season, Swiss Chalet puts their Festive Special on the menu. The meal is being further promoted this year with their Give A Gift feature, which allows users to send the feast to friends and loved ones. But while Swiss Chalet remains a favourite among older Canadians, it’s not so relevant with zoomers and millennials. So this December, the ask was twofold – to promote the Give A Gift feature, while building brand love among younger generations.

making the
holidays happen

Our insight was that in every family or friend group, there’s one person who does the most to make the holidays happen. It could be the person who stays up all night in the kitchen, or the person who makes the yearly trek to the pine tree lot. Whoever it is, they’re the ones who give the most time and energy over the season. We like to call them the holiday giver.

give back to the givers

Through evoking feelings of warmth, sentimentality, joy, and generosity, we wanted to make every Canadian not only think of the “holiday giver” in their life but be inspired to give back to them, as well.

warm and fuzzy

Many holiday spots these days tend to be polished productions. But our goal was to showcase authentic, Canadian experiences. So we used diverse UGC-generated home videos which highlighted the relatability of the holiday giver to give an overall warm, fuzzy feeling. We also made sure to source entirely modern footage to pull Swiss Chalet out of its heritage position while a vintage filter maintained those nostalgic vibes.

giving is universal

From the kitchen duty giver to the cheer giver, side-by-side shots of different Canadians doing the same activity showed how the holiday giver is universal across families and friend groups. Because ultimately, we wanted viewers to be inspired to give back to the givers in their own lives this holiday season.

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Olli Brands Inc.

Life is too short to stop short of exceptional

Olli Brands’ mission is to be the trusted leader in expertly crafted high-quality cannabis products, brands and experiences. They launched with the ambition to elevate the cannabis category—there was no longer a need to taste burnt weed in homemade brownies.


We crafted a master brand strategy grounded in what makes Olli Brands Inc. distinct today, while ensuring to stay uniquely competitive as the category matures.
We focused to bring Olli Brands’ to market with a distinct visual and verbal system.

We showcased the premium quality of OBi amidst an onslaught of new brands in the cannabis category.

Additionally, we crafted a brand belief and purpose that zeroed-in on the cannabis x culinary x wellness DNA that drives internal culture and product innovation.

The OBi

Everyday life should not be routine—it should be ritualized.
With that in mind, we helped shape two consumer-facing cannabis brands for the OBi family that exemplify exceptional products and experiences.

Olli. A new ritual.

Olli fully embodies the core values that drive the entire portfolio: Positive disruption, Collective Mindset, Exceptional Craft and Professionalism. To express this, we captured the skill and art of the foodie world, while embracing wellness as the core motivator for consumption.

Ritual moments.

We focused on the moments, products and textures that bring us bliss every day. These realistic snapshots of lived-in, elevated rituals bring a sense of humanity through the imagery.

For the joy of life.

Alongside Olli, we created a second consumer-facing brand, Ollive. Ollive embodies wellness with cannabis-infused products aimed to help improve everyday well-being.

Joy in its
purest form.

We set out to create a brand inspired by the pure, plant-based ingredients that help promote wellness and balance in our daily lives. Every facet of the brand was built to bring joy and speak to the pure, simple, and unique flavours in each Ollive edible: from the rich colours, vibrant florals and organic typeface.

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Twizzlers untwist road trip


untwist road trip

this summer, ontarians were craving a sweet escape

With summer fast approaching and Ontarians spending much of early 2021 in lockdown, consumers were searching for a way to relax and unwind with their loved ones. However, with Covid-19 threatening a second summer of getaways with restrictions and heightened travel protocols, our consumers were turning once again to the classic summer escape: the road trip.

harnessing the nostalgic power of twizzlers

After more than a year of uncertainty, fear and burnout caused by the pandemic, Twizzlers saw an opportunity to contemporize the brand while tapping into the “untwist” need state. As weekend road trips were planned, and cottage escapes were booked, Twizzlers sought to recreate the iconic road trip moment and help families return to simpler times, with the help of a timeless road trip snack.

untwisting on the road

Tapping into the retro appeal of the road trip moment, we brought to life the Twizzlers RV, a nod to the nostalgic joy of long rural drives, road trip playlists, and indulgent snacks.

our teams were there for weekend travellers, acting as a pit stop along key road trip routes across Ontario.

An interactive footprint allowed us to disrupt the road trip pit-stop and inject moments of much needed light-hearted fun through games, exciting prizes, and delicious Twizzlers samples.

building the narrative

To support contemporizing the brand and cement the association to the road trip consumption moment, we worked with curated content and media partners to create engaging content with a wide reach.

bringing it all back

Strategic influencer partners told their own road trip stories, helping extend the summer road trip narrative beyond the RV itself, and drawing meaningful engagement from their online communities.

spreading the summer fun

Working with on-brand media and influencer partners to promote each road trip location extended our reach to consumers beyond Cottage Country.

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Beringer Bros. uncork a bold one

Beringer Bros.

uncork a bold one

finally, a wine made for you

Wine is often viewed as an upscale drink for special occasions and sophisticated events. With this intimidating perception, people instead reach for what they’re familiar with—craft beer and whiskey. So, when Beringer Bros. introduced their new bourbon shaped bottle, we used the opportunity to break this wine convention and embolden people to consider Beringer as their go-to wine for any occasion.

a wine for those that don’t consider themselves “wine people”

Looking at the competitive set, we realized other wines appeal to at-home chefs, wine aficionados, and girls nights, leaving out the average joe’s that want to choose different. Knowing this, we carved out Beringer Bros. as the opportunity to tell the whiskey aged barrel story in a way that’s approachable, desirable, and with the clout that comes with the Beringer name.

paired with
familiar moments

To make wine feel familiar and approachable, we explored the familiar activities that people normally pair spirits and beer with, and placed our Beringer Bros. bottle in them.

breaking “wine rules”

By featuring common consumption occasions and moments, we showcased our wine as approachable and desirable.
From watching the game to sitting around a fire, we showed up as the perfect wine alternative for their next social meetup.

embolden our people to choose

Using a familiar and compelling visuals and copy tone so our people could ‘see themselves’ in those moments.

real people

We used a broad range of talents in our films. Most were not actors and instead, experts in their respected field.

uncork a giveaway

To further amplify our campaign we partnered with 1 influencer to host an IG giveaway. We wanted to ensure the prize resonated with our audience and helped associate Beringer consumption moments with the activities they regularly partake in. We gifted one lucky winner a weekend getaway to encourage them to Uncork a Bold One.

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Vitamix life in colour

enrich your diet and life with colour

After a winter spent hibernating and indulging in heavy comfort foods, it’s hard to kick the bad eating habits we’ve grown so accustomed to. So, when spring time approached, we gave Canadians some anything-but-boring inspiration to live colourfully with whole food meals made possible with the Vitamix Ascent Series. After all, living colorfully not only enriches our diet, but also our lives.

life in colour

Whole food eating is conventionally portrayed as boring, and yet plant-based food exploding and flexitarians are on the rise. The truth is nature’s candy is hot and Vitamix has always been there for it. Our campaign showed Canadians how lively and fun eating whole food can be, at a time where life needed more freshness and vibrancy.

making ingredients our hero

Mint created a stylized film and tone-on-tone photography that leans into the different colours, textures, and freshness that each ingredient has to offer each recipe. The content showcases a semi-monochromatic film of the colours, flavours, juiciness, and uniqueness of each of the ingredients with the frames coming together as quick cut macro shots of the ingredients and fun quick cuts of our hero influencer preparing.

partnering with a colourful personality

To showcase The Vitamix Ascent series as a great and easy way to add colourful-wellness to our everyday, Vitamix partnered with content creator, entrepreneur and fitness trainer, Zehra Allibhai of @zallibhai
to feature vibrant Vitamix-made meals.

brightening social feeds

Across three weeks, we injected colour and vibrancy into Canadians’ social feeds, garnering over 240K impressions and almost 16K engagements. To further expand the Vitamix family, local influencers and fans also created their own recipes inspired by each weekly colour.

spreading colour internationally

Originally crafted for Canadian audiences, the campaign was quickly adopted for American and Mexican markets.

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Sodastream keep sparkling

bringing sparkle into the home

As we’ve been cooped up inside, the monotony made us view our homes as a trap instead of a place of salvation. So, as the looming second wave approached, we saw the opportunity to show Canadians that it’s the small things that can elevate their at-home life—like using a SodaStream sparkling water maker. After all, sometimes it’s the simplest pleasures that bring us the most joy.

small acts of kindness,
big impact

It’s the small things that can make a big sparkling impact. Just like bringing adding small moments of sparkle to at-home, we showcased those who sparkle up their communities with small acts of kindness.

the queen of sparkle

No one does sparkle better than the sparkling Priyanka, Canada’s first drag superstar. Just shortly after her big win, we were lucky to be one of her first campaigns.

At a time when things were pretty dark, we injected small sparkle moments into the social feeds of Canadians. With this content as fun and quirky as Priyanka herself, we positioned SodaStream as the gift that keeps sparkling all year round.

“It’s the small things that keep the world sparkling, people.”

the results

Keep Sparkling content CPM outperformed other Sodastream content by 12%. Our consideration layer reached 6.2 million unique users. Top posts generated a 96% positivity sentiment and a 14.5% completion rate. Overall, the content performed so well that Sodastream invested 3X its planned media spend so that Canada could Keep Sparkling throughout the holiday season.

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Lillet her way

Lillet – the best aperitif you’ve never heard of

While Lillet was widely known (and loved) in the bartender community, awareness amongst consumers was low in Canada. People needed to consider Lillet as an option and know how to drink it – when they do try it, they love its taste and simplicity.

We needed to win women’s hearts – to create awareness and consideration amongst our target consumers and in the process, create brand advocates that drive sustainable growth.

the category speaks to women as one dimensional – frivolous and girly

First we looked at the competitive space. Despite a movement by progressive society to break down gender stereotypes, there is still a persistent, lingering cultural expectation for how women to look and act, reflected through the spirits category. The modern woman and her depth was under-represented.

celebrating what makes us unique and different

Our insight was that the women who are breaking cultural conventions and stereotypes are the ones who are pushing society forward.

The more people who embrace and celebrate their uniqueness – no matter how big or small – the less room there will be for old perceptions.

a platform to champion women’s self-expression

Our approach was to create a campaign to celebrate women who express themselves uniquely, their way; and so, Lillet. Her Way. was born.

Central to our campaign was the creation of a ‘zine, a type of grassroots publication dedicated to an idea or cultural ideal that has flourished at moments of rises in culture either in fandom or commentary.

We partnered with local female creators to create the ‘zine’s content, using it as a platform to amplify their voices and share how they’ve forged their own paths in under-represented industries by embracing what makes them unique and different. The ‘zine fueled an ecosystem for content that enabled Lillet to build out a community of women supporting women.

an engaged community

To help to build a community around the ‘zine and engage with like-minded people, we launched the Lillet Her Way Instagram channel along with a paid amplification strategy.

And in doing so, created educational opportunities and curiosity for the endless possibilities Lillet offers.

taking the community IRL

We extended the programming beyond the digital space to include partnerships with on-premise locations, and like-minded female-owned independent retailers as distribution points for the physical copies of the ‘zine.

all-female production

We worked with an all-female production team to express their voices through stylized videos, portraits, the written word, and unique cocktail recipes.

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Vitamix made with love

made with love, from our family to yours.

Some say the ultimate expression of love is through food. So when Vitamix, a family-owned company, launched their newest products for the year, we use the opportunity to tell the story of three chefs who show their love through the food they make for their loved ones.

the vitamix family

To showcase the newest products in the Vitamix family, we had each chef create two recipes with the hero products and created a documentary-style film exploring what made with love means to them through the food they prepare.

when you cook, you bring people together

Spending less time in the kitchen means spending more time with the ones you love most, and we wanted to highlight that for this campaign.

And no matter what you’re cooking, Vitamix’s products help you save that precious time in the kitchen while allowing you to create more for your loved ones.

made for a home cook, fit for a chef

By partnering with chefs, we told our audience a quality story about the products they could bring into their homes for their families, too.

made for ♥

To drive engagement for the campaign, we created a series of social ads and organic posts designed to get our Made With Love story out to our online following.

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Hershey’s treat quest

Halloween traditions were under threat

After 8 months of lockdowns, culture cancellations and virtual substitutions due to pandemic restrictions, Hershey knew the beloved Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating, and the much anticipated resulting candy “haul,” was at risk. Our challenge was to enable the “pursuit of sweetness” that consumers would be missing this Halloween season.

becoming a Halloween Hero

Our strategy was to take the pursuit of sweetness beyond the 31st, and create a season of safe, fun Halloween alternatives to kids, parents and holiday fanatics alike, positioning Hershey as a Halloween Hero the whole month long.

gamifying the season

Our approach was a digital-first campaign designed to enable families and fans to take part in the coveted “Halloween Haul” and in turn, motivate purchase intent.

Treat Quest

Since trick-or-treating was largely off the table, we brought the candy to them by turning the quest for candy into an AR-experience on Snapchat. Users were able to unlock a custom Hershey lens, bringing them into a virtual game where they could “collect” Hershey candy. Upon completion of the game, they were able to enter for a chance to win a sweet Hershey prize pack.

We partnered Hershey with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to ensure all children have a Happy Halloween, via product purchase. Through a special lens on Snapchat, users were able to scan a box of Hershey Halloween candy, resulting in a $5 donation to the charity.

broadening our reach

To further the narrative around Hershey as Halloween Hero, we employed lifestyle expert Taylor Kaye as spokesperson on a Canada-wide broadcast tour, shining the spotlight on Hershey’s fun, innovative and safe Halloween solutions (like DIY at-home experiences, games, recipes and decor).

Further, we partnered with food and family-focused influencers to drive to play Treat Quest through Snapchat, and leveraged them to support awareness around the CSR component.

driving to retail

To encourage consumers to bring the pursuit of sweetness home, a paid media campaign drove purchase consideration of Halloween SKUs through online retail partners.

Snapchat in-app ads supported the CSR campaign and led consumers to play Treat Quest.

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