feed your life

hold close the things that make you feel alive

The kitchen appliance category relies on function, nutrition and utility. And Vitamix, the leader in its category, wanted to be more than its exceptional function, diversity of recipe possibilities and ease of use. It wanted to recognize the real role food and the kitchen has in people’s lives.

feed your

To stand out in the category, Vitamix needed to evolve its functional narrative. Mint created Feed Your Life and positioned Vitamix as a champion of wellbeing and culinary adventure. The platform resonated so strongly, the brand adopted it for all its global markets.

what happens outside the kitchen can inspire what happens within.

Our strategy positioned Vitamix as a conduit to empower people to bust out of their ruts and try something new to enrich their meals – and their lives.

…and vice versa.

Our messaging encouraged people to make mealtime fun, exciting and unexpected, while also emphasizing the power of positive nutrition.

connecting communities

Vitamix has a beloved and vibrant following. Through this campaign we inspired the Vitamix community to feed the communities around them – at home, in their neighbourhood, amongst their friends, and beyond. We showed how the Vitamix empowered them to feed those around them to enrich their lives.

honouring the planet

The Vitamix enables its owners to reduce their food waste substantially. It acts as an ally allowing you to get creative with all that food that could be headed to the compost. We believe that reducing waste is a part of feeding life, this campaign demonstrated that.

celebrating the joy of cooking

Feed Your Life also encouraged families to cook together and especially with young children. Offering food education and understanding promoting a lasting impact on the nutrition and perception of food for young people and the role it plays in their lives.

feed your life is a digital-led campaign

  • Digital and programmatic advertising
  • Diverse content development
  • Paid influencer strategy
  • Special events
  • Media relations