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uncork a bold one

finally, a wine made for you

Wine is often viewed as an upscale drink for special occasions and sophisticated events. With this intimidating perception, people instead reach for what they’re familiar with—craft beer and whiskey. So, when Beringer Bros. introduced their new bourbon shaped bottle, we used the opportunity to break this wine convention and embolden people to consider Beringer Bros. as their go-to wine for any occasion.

a wine for those that don't consider themselves "wine people"

Looking at the competitive set, we realized other wines appeal to at-home chefs, wine aficionados, and girls nights, leaving out the average joe’s that want to choose different. Knowing this, we carved out Beringer Bros. as the opportunity to tell the whiskey aged barrel story in a way that’s approachable, desirable, and with the clout that comes with the Beringer Bros. name.

paired with familiar moments

To make wine feel familiar and approachable, we explored the familiar activities that people normally pair spirits and beer with, and placed our Beringer Bros. bottle in them.

breaking “wine rules”

By featuring common consumption occasions and moments, we showcased our wine as approachable and desirable. From watching the game to sitting around a fire, we showed up as the perfect wine alternative for their next social meetup.

embolden our people to choose different

Using a familiar and compelling visuals and copy tone so our people could ‘see themselves’ in those moments.

real people

We used a broad range of talents in our films. Most were not actors and instead, experts in their respected field.

uncork a giveaway

To further amplify our campaign we partnered with 1 influencer to host an IG giveaway. We wanted to ensure the prize resonated with our audience and helped associate Beringer consumption moments with the activities they regularly partake in. We gifted one lucky winner a weekend getaway to encourage them to Uncork a Bold One.